Narrabri | Nandewar Ranges – Extended Flight – 50 mins $880


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This is a flight that is tailored for people who only have a short time to see as much as possible. It takes in the more remote and inaccessible parts of the Nandewar Ranges, highlighting the sheer scope and ruggedness of the range with a background of ever changing plains. You will be shown places that few people know of, let alone have seen or photographed. Hidden rock pools and, if you’re lucky, glistening waterfalls, a rarity in this western range. Throughout the flight a commentary on the area is provided including the mountain range highlights and seasonal updates on the productive rural plans to the west.  Upon request, there is the opportunity to land on private property and take a short walk to an exclusive area that is still pristine and untouched in its isolation.

Perfect for:

  • Those seeking an extended experience of the Mount Kaputar Experience
  • Romantic Experiences
  • Families
  • Photographers
  • Locals & Tourists alike
  • Adventurers seeking a thrill
  • Mountain Climbers seeking a different view

Departure Location:

30°18'06.1"S 149°45'48.1"E



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